Who I Am

My name is Shelby Meinzer and I am an independent filmmaker and professional editor and DIT currently working in the Los Angeles area. I have over 18 years of experience working in film and television. I created Rogue Scarlet as a way to share news, information, knowledge, tips, tricks and workflows for editors and cinematographers. Most of what you will see is based around the RED camera system since that is my specialty but I will also cover plenty of other information as well. In addition to this site I offer on site training and consulting as well as production and post production services.

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These are people that I work with and help with contribution to Rogue Scarlet.

Sam Holder – AC, photographer and general photo guru. He shot a lot of the photos on this site. Thanks Sam!

Dana Morris – Camera/Steadicam operator and filmmaker.

Succinct Productions – San Diego based production company that I partner with often.

Jason Ebelheiser – Editor and shooter specializing in action sports filmmaking.

Kristian Meinzer – My brother and the owner/pilot of Rogue Aerials.

Favorite Sites

Some are great resources. Some are just fun. All are my favorites.

Reduser – THE online community for RED users.

Macrumors – My favorite mac news site.

Color Grading Central – This is by far the most efficient and effective way to learn how to color grade.

fcp.co – A great blog for Final Cut Pro editors and anyone interested in post production.

Uncrate – The best way to find cool new products.

Devour – The best way to find great Internet videos.

Gallivant – The best way to find new places and travel destinations.

Infinity List – The best place to find high quality action sports videos.